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Cesta krških žrtev 105, p.p. 246, 8270 Krško


The MC Krško Info point is the heart of our youth centre.

It offers:

– Free access to the internet, newspaper articles and other informative publications, brochures and pamphlets,

– Youth services, such as:

  • ticket presale,
  • use of the photocopy machine,
  • printing,
  • binding.

It also serves as the front desk reception for the Youth centre Hotel.

It is a great place to acquire information and informative materials on different subjects and areas:

– formal education,

– informal education – grants and scholarships,

– employment,

– employment market,

– form filling assistance,

– living arrangements,

– culture,

– health preventive,

– distress,

– sports and recreation

– youth– leisure or free time,

– spirituality,

– volunteer work …