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Head of program

Cesta krških žrtev 105, p.p. 246, 8270 Krško



From its beginning, the Youth Centre Krško has put a lot of emphasis on programmes that focus on promoting health, well-being and encouraging personality developments within the youth culture. The Youth Centre Krško advocates the interdisciplinary approach to these programmes and is therefore involved with other specialized institutions and organizations such as: Social work centre Krško, Police station Krško, Medical centre Krško, Family institute Trust (Družinski inštitut Zaupanje) and schools in the area.

The programmes are lead and implemented by the centre’s employees and workers from other institutions. A special emphasis is given to all the volunteers who are able to gain their first teachings’ pedagogical skills.

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  • V Posavju žuramo brez drog in alkohola – In Posavje we party without drugs and alcohol A preventive programme, aimed at youth, aged 14-18 is implemented in collaboration with the Police station Krško, Social work centre Krško and the Medical centre Krško. The programmes are carried out in elementary schools across the region.

Programmes that have been exercised thus far:

  • Mladinske delavnice- Youth workshops

Preventive work with youth was implemented during 2009 and 2014. The workshops were aimed at 8 th graders and were carried out weekly. The topics of workshops were very diverse: communication, values, moral, sexuality, collaboration…

  • Brez megle v glavi – Without the fog in the head

It is a project that encourages personality development based on the Gestalt principles. The principal approach is therefore: Motor skills training and awareness, sensory response and perception, thought process, social and spiritual (metaphysical) set of mind. It is set to stimulate a person’s self-worth, honesty, responsibility, good faith and tolerance to all, which plays an integral part in developing ones personality.

  • Preventivni mozaik Posavja – The preventive mosaic of Posavje (PmP)

It is a preventive programme in the region that focuses on the field of preventing diseases related to life style with the emphasis on alcohol related problems. The programme acquired funds from the Norwegian financial mechanism 2009-2014 and had started in February 2015 and finished in June 2016. The programme was carried out by the Youth Centre Krško with its partners: Social work centre Krško, Medical centre Krško, Society Srečanje and the Family institute Trust (Družinski inštitut Zaupanje). The PmP took place in the lower Posavje region and included preventive activities for children, youths and adults, interinstitutional networking, family, couples and individual counselling as well as street work that involved the youth. You can read more about the programme on www.mozaikposavja.si