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Head of program

Cesta krških žrtev 105, p.p. 246, 8270 Krško



Voluntary work has been heavily intertwined in all programme areas in the Youth Centre Krško since its beginning. In the Youth Centre the volunteers get the opportunity to be involved in different activities on various projects such as:

  • Club and cultural activities (concerts and different club happenings – events),
  • Preventive youth work (In Posavje we party without drugs and alcohol),
  • Multimedia area,
  • International collaboration.

We welcome new areas of voluntary work if they are required or needed and offer our help of acquiring volunteers to other outside organizations.

We provide our volunteers with mentorship, throughout the year trainings, abundance of new knowledge, socialising, fun and a little reward.

We also organise Posavje’s Volunteer festival. In the context of the Youth Volunteers Festival, which is organised by the Slovenian philanthropy on a national level, we were able to organise our first Posavje’s Volunteer Festival in 2010 with the help of the Social work centre Krško. The response of regional organisations was so high that we decided to uphold this tradition.