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The Youth points are relocated units of the Krško Youth Centre and are based in the rural settings of Krško municipality.

Their basic goal is to introduce youth work to other children in their home environment. It is a place where many activities and different programmes take place in order to fit the specific group of children and youngsters in their home environment.

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The YP Raka is a joint project of Raka Youth society, local community Raka and the Krško Youth centre. The purpose of the youth point is to ensure and provide children and youth from the area with activities and other projects since they do not reside in the proximity of Krško and therefore have lesser opportunities to join other projects.

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YP Podbočje is a joint project of the Podbočje Local Community and the Krško Youth

Centre. The purpose of the YP is to provide activities for the children and youngsters who live further away from Krško and are unable to attend and participate in programmes lead by the Krško Youth Centre. The YP was created on the initiative of the youngster from the local area.

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YP Senovo is a relocated unit of the Krško Youth Centre and is meant for children and youngsters who don’t reside near Krško. The main point of YP Senovo is to provide the children with a place where they are able to spend their free time in a most creative and interesting way.

Read more [/info_circle_item][info_circle_item info_title=”YP Veliki Kamen” icon_type=”custom” info_img=”1411|http://www.mc-krsko.si/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/MTVK.png”]YPVK is a joint project of the Voluntary Fire department and the Krško Youth centre. The YP’s aim is to provide activities for children and other youngsters in the area which is further away from Krško and thus has fewer opportunities to participate in other programmes.

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