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Podbočje 62, 8312 Podbočje

040/615-441 (Nina)
Working hours
Saturday: 10.00 – 12.00
July in August: CLOSED

YP Podbočje is a joint project of the Podbočje Local Community and the Krško Youth Centre. The purpose of the YP is to provide activities for the children and youngsters who live further away from Krško and are unable to attend and participate in programmes lead by the Krško Youth Centre. The YP was created on the initiative of the youngster from the local area.

10 animators-volunteers are giving their all to come up with different activities and creative workshops in order to reach the YP full potential. Every Friday and Saturday afternoon several social, recreational and creative workshops fill the vacant area of Podbočje’s Local Community hall. They also organise holiday activities, summer camps and birthday parties for the children. The YP is working with other societies in order to create the best possible activities for the children. The YP is also know for the annual charity event called Kids for Kids, where they raise money for children with fewer opportunities.

The YP is active in several areas, such as:

– informal education

– creative workshops for children (3 years and older)

– use of computer and free internet access

– free time, creative and interaction activities

– recreational activities

– social nights and game nights

– movie nights

– stage plays

– holiday activities

– cooking workshops

– summer camps

– volunteer support in the local area (events, day care,…)

– gaining volunteering experience

– other leisure activities

– collaborating with the local school …

All programs and activities are completely free of charge!